WINCHESTER BRASS Current Stock Report

Article by Denny McDaniels   I prepared a report about Winchester rifle brass calibers and their avalability.  This can range from currently in hands of suppliers ready to ship if my supplies run low, they are listed as"available".  Available usually means always available so generally I do not break the bank on these and filling large [...]

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Alternatives to Popular Rifle Brass

Article by Denny McDaniels Duck Creek sporting Goods (DCSG) strives to find not only desirable rifle brass calibers but also find alternatives that are cost effective to the reloaders-without sacrificing quality. For the 338 Lapua Magnum look at the Prvi Partizan offered here at $1.58 per cartridge cases ($79 for a bag of 50 factory [...]

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300 Blackout, 155 grain Spitzers

Developing a load for a 300 AAC Blackout. The rifle used has a 16 inch barrel with 1:8 twist.  (barrels can be ordered for $110) Using Frontier’s .308 diameter 155 grain flat base Spitzer plated bullet, 16 grains of Hodgdon CFE BLK powder, Remington 7-1/2 benchrest primers and once fired 300 Blackout brass.  (Click here [...]

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Scarce Remington brass

Calibers are manufactured in batches, some not as frequent as we would like. This is listed as “Seasonal” in Remington’s price list. Seasonal to us is not seasonal to Remington. This could mean once a year to once every five years or longer. Starting in 2018 Remington made a statement that they will try to [...]

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Colorado elk per square mile map

The Colorado deer and elk population distribution maps series are now available. There is four maps, two of them map deer and elk per square mile, the other two detail male to female rations inside the Game Management Units.

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EVERY BIG BUCK IS SOME WHERE 24 HOURS A DAY Article by G. Merriam  Hunting is a sport of physical ability and knowledge, but successful hunting is obtained when you obtain a consistent display of those two items and your ability to provide those and similar detail in other attributes. The more astute you are [...]

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