Article by Denny McDaniels, owner Duck Creek Sporting Goods

One of the most popular rifle calibers sold at  is the
257 Roberts. We place extra effort in attempting to maintain stock on hand,
either Winchester or Remington. Two years ago Winchester produced a batch of
257 Roberts +P, that supply was gone by Christmas. In 2018 Remington was
available starting in the summer months and Duck Creek sold the last of the
inventory during the Holiday Seasons.

Currently on hand is Winchester 257 Roberts brass (QTY 50) item #WSC257PU, the PU letters from
Winchester is designated as Plus P, the package label reads “257 Roberts
(Winchester only catalogs +P )

The SAAMI maximum pressure for the Roberts is 54,000 PSI where the standard
maximum pressure for the +P is 58,000 PSI, brass specifications are the same
regardless what the head stamps reads. Just like any other cartridge, max
pressures should be reached with caution and never considered in early actions
that was rebarreled or rechambered for the 257 Roberts.

As for Duck Creek’s ability to re-supply only time will tell if Winchester or
Remington will run another batch, both manufactured classify this caliber as
seasonal, which can refer to a variety of combinations such as every other year,
once a year, twice a year. Based on the last two years sales history I would be
surprised if there is enough inventories to last into the coming fall.